STOP: This DFY service is only for offer owners making at least $50,000+ in MRR.

How to stack your sales pipeline with 5-10 qualified leads per month and scale your MRR without having to rely on paid ads or referrals.

Does this sound like you?

Spending over 5 figures on paid ads per month with little to no ROI.

Over reliance on referrals and the inability to scale.

Constantly unsure of where your next deal will come from.

Case Studies

(Case Study #1)

How I developed a Cold Email system for a b2b business

Cold outreach plays a crucial role in any business, attracting new customers, and growing your business.But not everybody knows the correct way to optimize their outreach systems to ensure success.Realizing this ultimately lead me to begin developing the cold email infrastructure for Dynamism.After working it out in my head for awhile I realized we should try a new strategy:Leverage AI software tools, create ideal client profiles, narrow down offer for them, then craft compelling copy for our target audience and get them excited to hop on a sales call.

What Was I Able to Accomplish?

  • Sent approximately 30,000 cold emails

  • Generated multiple 5 figure closed won deals

  • Achieved a positive marketing ROI

How Was I Able to Accomplish It?

  • Email:, Mailfloss, BeePro

  • Lead Generation:, Sales Navigator, Findylead

  • AI Software: GPT 4.0, Gamma, Clay

Why Work with OutboundMagnet?

Gain Access + Insight from The Latest Market Research

Boost Productivity In Your Sales and Marketing Operations

Committed to Your Success and Scaling Your Business

Our 5 Step Process to Growing Your Business

(Step #0)Conduct short discovery call to see if our service is right for you.

When you book a discovery call, we'll discuss your annual revenue, case studies, and product market fit to make sure we're the right fit for you.

(Step #1)Develop ICP and build lead lists of decision makers in your niche.

We will deep dive into your product, identifying patterns with previous buyers and locate the blue ocean markets in your industry.

(Step #2)Create highly attractive sales assets targeted to your audience.

Leveraging your case studies and testimonials with your target market in mind — We'll write sales letters and landing pages that will work as your 24/7 salesmen.

(Step #3)Build your own fleet of automated cold outreach machines.

Instead of spending countless hours setting up domains, inboxes, and setting up software yourself—we'll do it all for you. Ensuring your emails land in the primary tab of their inbox.

(Step #4)Write cold email copy that will get prospects to engage with you.

We write our emails to get your ideal prospects to take action and book fill your calendar with qualified sales meetings.

Market research is very important in our process, we want to speak to your prospects in a language they can easily understand.

(Step #5)Iterate, Improve, and Scale.

Our campaigns are constantly A/B tested to ensure maximum efficiency, once we see success we can scale your cold email system to generate leads at an exponential rate.

We'll develop SOPs with your sales team to make the lead handoff as seamless as possible, leveraging a variety of software solutions.

About Me

After 3+ years working in the digital marketing industry I decided to start OutboundMagnet. My mission is to provide value from the skills I have amassed over my career, particularly in lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing, and marketing operations.

I Speak: English, German, Spanish, and Arabic.

Matthew Bis

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